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Activity of the Month: September & October

This year we’re launching Activity of the Month for Chapter Challenge. Each month, we’ll highlight a different activity that you’ll get bonus points for completing (after posting about it to your Chapter page, of course!).

September and October Activity of the Month: #FinishIt


For September and October, we’re going to join the Truth Campaign’s latest demonstration of solidarity in creating a Tobacco-Free generation. It’s called X Your Profile. The idea here is to tell Big Tobacco that you and your friends aren’t tools for them to use in marketing their deadly product. Truth has developed an online tool that allows you to “X” out your profile pic, showing you’re part of the revolution to end smoking. Do this during the months of September and October, take a screenshot, and post it to your Chapter page to get 15 points for your Chapter!


Here’s what you do:

1. Visit the Truth Campaign’s X Your Profile page.

2. Choose your photo to X out – pick something that really represents who you are! You can either pull a photo from Facebook, take a selfie with your camera phone or webcam, or upload a photo.

3. Download and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever you want!

4. Take a screenshot of your “X” profile pic and upload it to your Chapter page.

5. For every person in your Chapter whose screenshot you post, we’ll give you a point! (Maximum 10 points)


Now get to “X”ing!

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